Unlocking & Upgradation

Exceptional Mobile Unlocking Services

If you have decided to change the mobile service network and due to an insertion of the new sim, your phone is locked, Tech Base Shop is available at your service. We provide exceptional unlocking services all over the UK. Our professional experts ensure that 89% of unlocks are performed within thirty minutes. Unlocking can be challenging or complex when a phone is moved to new physical boundaries i.e. moving from another country. The good news is that we have the expertise to solve all the phone unlocking issues. To let a phone working that was bought from a different country requires unlocking, we have the software to unlock devices brought from any country. Our phone unlocking services are offered at reasonable prices.

Are you looking for an up gradation for your mobiles or laptops?

Welcome to the most reliable and efficient up gradation services. If you are unable to use a specific program or software due to any updates, worry no more. Tech Base Shop has cost effective solutions that can get your laptop software updated within the same day. We offer the delivery services for your device, to and from our mobile repair center. In addition to laptop updates, our mobile technicians are trained to upgrade the software for Apple iPhone and android mobiles. Send us your device and let it working smoothly with all the updates required. If your mobile contract is expired and you require up gradation of the package, we deal in all kinds of mobile network upgrade packages that best suit your requirements.

Buy / Sell Mobiles

Make some cash with an old mobile phone!

Are you thinking of buying a new mobile phone? Sell the old one and earn some cash before it loses its worth. Tech Base Shop offers a wide variety of mobile phones and a number of services to its valuable customers that best suit their requirements.

Trade an old phone for a new one

Tech Base Shop provides an option of trading an old mobile phone for a new one while paying only for the difference. This is a cost effective solution. The old phone’s condition and its specifications are checked before its pricing. A range of new mobiles is available according to the customer’s budgetary limits.

Sell a Phone for Cash

Our services include buying used phones for cash. The price is determined after thorough checking of the phone. Easy access to cash is offered after the price is conveyed to the customer once he/she agrees to the terms and conditions.

Buy a Used Phone

If you are looking for a used phone in a good condition, you are at the right place. We sell used phones with a 7 days warranty. Accessories in good condition are also a part of the package. The same day return can be arranged if the buyer does not like the phone for any reason. We offer the most competitive prices in the market. Get in touch with our friendly staff today for the best buying and selling at Tech Base Shop. Call us at +440 141 9428559.

About Us

Tech Base Shop is a repairing shop based in the city of Glasgow. Besides working as a repairing shop, we offer different services to enhance customer experience regarding device usage. From selling old phones to buying used phones for cash, our services are extended to maximise customer satisfaction. A wide variety of services prides us on being the one-stop solution for laptops, smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, etc.

Why Choose Us?

We specialise in the repair of different brands which include Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and much more. Our engineers are expert at fixing almost anything. From broken phone screens to unlocking the phone, we provide solutions for any kind of repair. At Tech Base Shop, all repairs are ensured in ESD controlled environment. Aiming to provide impeccable services, our engineers are trained on a rotation basis to enhance your device experience.

Tech Base Shop employs the most experienced engineers and technicians who have hands on experience in repairing the latest version of mobile devices, laptops and tablets. We provide unlocking of mobile phones on the same day. We solely take the responsibility of transporting devices to and from our repair shop for the convenience of our customers.

Device tracking service is a key feature of our services which enable our customers to track the status of their device’s repair. Our engineers are always prepared to take up any challenges, adhering to all the safety measures. The no repair and return policy adds to the reasons why one should choose us for a device repair. Quality is assured for each and every repair at the Tech Base Shop.